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    Polarized Sunglasses

    Often used by active people like surfers, wakeboarders and fishermen, polarized sunglasses offer a variety of benefits to help keep eyes protected from harmful UV light and glare while enhancing vision and clarity. Many name brands like Oakley, Electric, Spy, Jack Martin, Von Zipper and more offer their own polarized technologies and designs to deliver high performance eyewear for those who live an active lifestyle or simply just want quality sunglasses that look good and keep eyes protected.

    Like most forms of technology, polarized glasses are specifically designed to protect against polarized light and glare. Polarization is caused by light waves traveling in more than one plane of direction, such as light reflecting off objects, and can often cause glares and bright spots that make vision difficult and times impossible. Unlike other styles of sunglasses, polarized sunglasses are designed to block polarized light making them ideal sunglasses for driving or any activity around water. Surfaces such as bodies of water, snow, glass, concrete or even the hood of your car can be potentially dangerous to vision by reflecting light at a horizontal angle producing a glare that can obstruct vision. To help maintain optimal vision and clarity polarized lenses are built with a laminated filter that blocks horizontally oriented light while allowing vertically oriented light through so that vision is sharp and clear and glare is eliminated.

    Polarized sunglasses not only help to reduce reflection and eliminate glare, they also reduce eyestrain, improve visual comfort, contrast and clarity while allowing true color perception making them an excellent pair of sunglasses for just about anyone. Many brands offer a variety of style options such as custom mirror or anti-scratch coatings for polarized lenses, as well as different lens color and tints all that come in an array of frames, fits and styles so that you can find the right pair of polarized sunglasses to fit your eyewear needs.