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    Bear Trucks

    Bear Trucks started around 2004, when the founders noticed that riding styles were changing drastically and the current skateboard trucks on the market were slowly becoming outdated. This is why Bear Trucks was created; to meet the demands for a better downhill skateboard and longboard truck. The Smokies precision trucks were their first style, made to withstand big wheels, high speeds and tight racing. From there, Bear Trucks became a household name. Bear grew their product lineup with the creation of The Grizzly trucks. This truck has been a staple for downhill skateboarders and longboarders for years now and continues to receive design upgrades to match the new riding styles that skaters develop. For 10 years Bear Trucks has worked with their pro team to develop hybrid longboarding trucks like The Polar Bear and Kodiaks while continuing to redesign their staple longboard trucks. Find Bear Trucks and other longboarding components like drop through longboard decks, longboard wheels, and slide gloves at Zumiez.