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Size L MASS EXODUS // MSXDS Clothing


MASS EXODUS (aka MSXDS), is a contemporary lifestyle brand that combines the evolution of progressive street art, music, and fashion cultures. MASS EXODUS revels in changing your destiny. It takes our current reality and speaks to each individual to deviate from the path of conformity and complacency.

MASS EXODUS challenges us to break the bonds of what we know as today's "norm" and step away from the cookie cutter mentality that has become status quo. MASS EXODUS lives by the motto: Tua Res Evadere which is the Latin derivative of "Escape from your Reality". This Latin phrase is what inspires the MASS EXODUS movement. Its intent is to reach every corner of the globe, every living thing under the sun, any human soul that aspires to reach a new pinnacle of their existence, and who doesn't quit striving until they reach that desired destination.

MASS EXODUS inspires us all to break free from what the world tells us... how to live, what to do, and how we should think.

MASS EXODUS // MSXDS // Creating Worldwide Hysteria. Since MMXI.

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