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    Rosemary clothing isn't an individual but a collective perspective on reality, and is expressed through the products. Rosemary and its unique quotes and sensual screens are extensions of expression that don't need to make sense, but provoke thought. Through photography, painting, design, and creative word play, Rosemary apparel is able to showcase the duality of the human condition. Light and darkness, happiness and sadness, warm and cold; Rosemary captures optimism while still being conscious of discontentment. Rosemary t-shirts and accessories manifest seemingly without creative constraints. Rosemary screens may seem counter-intuitive but the lack of self-corrective behavior is aspirational. More than just the products they make, it is an attitude. They're a brand whose greatest strength comes from not giving a flip, and pride themselves on being the masters of irrelevance. With a worldview shaped by the duality of the human condition, you're sure to find an overall sense of hopeful disillusionment in every one of their prints. If you find yourself sometimes walking a delicate line with a voice that is straightforward, blunt, and edgy, then Rosemary fashion may be for you.