SUPERbrand, Super Clothing

SUPERbrand is the partnering of two distinct voices in the cultural chasms of the modern pop life. On the one side, SUPERbrand Surfboards has found an unusual place in the surf atmosphere, carving out an idiom that is at once progressive and stubbornly creative. Slingshots and poets. On the other side, designer and artist Tony Larson has steadily moved towards a reconciliation of his loves: visuals, sounds, cement and water. As an art director and designer for brands like Girl Skateboards, Chocolate Skateboards, Fourstar Clothing, and DC Shoes, his work has helped define the countless angles found in boutiques, board shops and galleries worldwide.

From the beginning the SUPERbrand Apparel mantra has been to make a high quality product that compliments the individual in our consumer. SUPER strives to live up to the words they like to throw around: Authentic, classic, timeless, fresh, youthful, and fun. SUPER refuses to be categorized and believe that the kids are alright.

This world is SUPER. Find your flow.

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