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    UNDZ Underwear brand (pronounced un-deez) was founded in 2010 by Bertrand Dore. Based out of Montreal, Canada the team set out to recreate how we think about underwear; Undz boxers were born. Prioritizing simplicity and sustainability, Undz underwear uses (when possible) free range, cage-free and usually organic cotton for its products. So rest easy as strut your netflix & chill print boxer briefs while you surf the interwebs about the proper form of your arms in executing 'the dab' dance while simultaneously streaming about sacred geometry and concepts of alchemy. With high-quality materials, nostalgic and bold graphics, UNDZ boxers are changing the game in underwear introducing both comfort and style. Undz underwear as well as other guy's boxer briefs are available online & in-store at Zumiez shop near by, shop now and experience the confidence that comes from buying and wearing galactic UNDZ kitty boxers.