Wish Your Were Northwest

Wish You Were Northwest

Wish You Were Northwest
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    Wish You Were Northwest

    Wish You Were Northwest is (not surprisingly) a brand created by two sisters, Tahnee & Tory, that are from the Great Pacific Northwest. They grew up outside the Emerald City in a music-filled, artistic family; in a log cabin on an evergreen-filled property with animals in their natural habitat. Their parents took them on road trips on the weekends (usually with no destination in mind), and they would often find themselves stopping for pie at a diner (possibly Tweeds or the Double R Diner), then driving home late into the evening hours. It was on those endless winding roads that they fell in love for the great PNW. Creativity, design, adventure, and spontaneity were highly valued and it was never the wrong time to explore.

    Loving aimless drives in the northwestern part of Washington state, Tahnee and Tory both love loud music, any kind of dessert and coffee, dancing, and of course, clothing that represents home. So, following their hearts they designed a clothing line that embodies their spirit with comfortable casual wears. Wish You Were Northwest shirts are a way of inviting people into the rainy state of Washington. Even if you're not from The Great PNW, when you put clothes from the Northwest you're inspired to live more spontaneously, bravely, adventurously, and to never stop being curious about the world around you. If you wish you were here get Wish You Were Northwest clothing.