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The History of IPATH

IPATH has been humbly green since 1999 and have promote environmental sustainability for the benefit of present and future generations of skateboarders to come. Since the beginning, it has been essential for them to offer alternative materials in their skate shoes. By using alternative materials such as renewable hemp, organic cotton, and other sustainable materials they have been one of the most earth friendly and green skate brands around. IPATH is on a never-ending quest to research new ways to make skate and action lifestyle products better all while reducing the impact on our environment and planet.

With a strong focus on skateboarding they have remained focused on creating skate shoes that are simple, effective, and durable. By focusing on the basics and not following flash in the pan trends, Ipath has been able to stay around and still be a major contender in the skateboarding footwear world. They support skateboarders like Matt, Rodriguez, Kenny Reed, Fred Gall, Steve Nesser, and other skaters who follow their own path and enjoy the ride on the way.

For eco-friendly skate shoes and more like the IPATH Cat, Reed, Lodge, Bonfire, Grasshopper, and may mores hop Zumiez online or in store to find all their best skate shoes.
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