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Dylan Rieder

Dylan Rieder

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Dylan Reider

Dylan Rieder


Professional skateboarder Dylan Rieder is an innovator with a unique style and creative outlook on skateboarding that is all his own. Frequenting many magazine covers and articles, including a variety of skateboard magazines and even Vogue, Dylan Rieder is a true individual. Three-time Street League competitor Dylan Rieder is mostly known for his video roles like his solo part with Gravis Footwear. Representing names such as HUF Shoes, Fucking Awesome Skateboards, Spitfire, Thunder, MOB Grip, and Bones Bearings, Dylan Rieder is paving the way for generations to come.

Born in 1988 in Westminster, California Dylan Rieder started skateboarding at a young age, where he quickly gained attention for his natural talent skating for big name team Birdhouse. Dylan Rieder had his breakout role in Transworld’s “A Time to Shine” in 2006 which helped to put him on the map. A few years later Dylan had a part in Alien Workshop’s “Mindfield”. In 2010 Dylan Rieder became one of the most talked about skateboarders with the release of his solo part in Gravis’s video where he can be seen doing Impossibles over huge features. This role exploded over the internet, and Dylan Rieder became one of the most researched names in skateboarding. His display of undeniable talent and style as well as creative approach to skate spots landed him the 2011 Transworld Reader’s Choice Award.

In 2010 Dylan Rieder was recruited to compete in the first ever Street League pro tour with 23 of the best skateboarders. Generally one to avoid competitions, Dylan has skated all three years Street League has been operating. One of the things Dylan Rieder is well known for is his combination of fashion and skateboarding; he brings his innovation to his personal line of HUF footwear and apparel. In the design of his HUF shoes he wanted to model the design after dress shoes, blending formalwear with skateboarding.

Never one to follow the lead of anybody, three-time Street League competitor Dylan Rieder is a pioneer in the world of skateboarding. Riding for names such as HUF Shoes, Fucking Awesome Skateboards, Spitfire, Thunder, MOB Grip, and Bones Bearings.


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