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Tom Asta

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Tom Asta

Tom Asta


Tom Asta is a professional skateboarder known for his insane technical skills and the ability to charge large obstacles with ease. With irrefutable talent Tom Asta gained his fame from starring in roles such as Mystery's "Color Theory" or his Recruit part with the Berrics. Representing names like Mystery Skateboards, Fallen Footwear, LRG, Spitfire, Thunder and more Tom Asta also features his own signature line of Fallen skate shoes and Mystery skateboard decks.

Born in 1990 in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, Tom Asta spends his time traveling back and forth from his hometown to film and skate. Tom Asta first gained the attention of many when he was seen in shared part with seasoned veteran Chris Cole in Zero’s “Strange World”. In 2010 Tom Asta joined with Mystery Skateboards and starred in his debut role in Mystery’s “Color Theory” where he can be seen skating huge features like the infamous “Love Gap” at Love Park in Philly. The year following his debut in “Color Theory” Tom Asta turned pro. With a versatile style and ability to skate big features Tom Asta gained a variety of roles in internet videos such as his Recruit part for the Berrics. A short while after becoming professional Tom Asta teamed up with sponsors Mystery Skateboards for the release of his signature series of skateboard deck and Fallen Footwear for his pro series skate shoe, both two major accomplishments.

Despite having little experience in contests, Tom Asta competed in the X Games 17 Real Street contest, where professionals submit a 60 second video voted on by fans for a chance at an X Games gold medal. During filming for his part for Real Street, Tom Asta broke his arm and required surgery, but was able to get enough footage for the competition. The following year Tom Asta was one of the ten professionals nominated to compete in Street League’s Selection contest. Much like Real Street the Street League Selection contest chooses ten professionals to submit a video voted on by fans for a spot in Street League. Tom Asta’s Selection video with the Berrics landed him a spot in the 2012 Street League where he placed 14th overall.

Exploding onto the scene just recently earning the professional title Tom Asta has already landed spots on prestigious teams such as Mystery Skateboards, Fallen Footwear, LRG and more, as well as released signature series Mystery skateboard decks and a pro line of Fallen skate shoes. Whether he is competing events such as Real Street or Street League, or filming for an upcoming role, Tom Asta has the technical skills to dominate and the style to turn heads.


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