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Stereo Vinyl Cruiser Blue 22.5" Complete Cruiser Board

Item # 192799

mine is better

(Posted on 3/28/14)

Stereo Is Where Its At Cat!!! Really tho I support Stereo because their high quality and their what skating is all about, Fun, Friends, Art, and Creativity, not what people think of when they hear "Skater"

(Posted on 6/9/13)

This is an awesome cruiser. Its really small so you can make the tightest turns. You have to loosen the nuts on the wheels though unless it is going to be slow.

(Posted on 6/9/13)

This looks awesome!!!!

(Posted on 6/9/13)

awesome board! i ride it around town. just need to wd40 the wheels a bit!

(Posted on 6/8/13)

Bought one, bearings busted, wheels chipped everywhere, crack down the board. Buy a Penny board for $10 more. I ran over my friend's penny board and he picked it up right after and continued skating. Stereo vinyls are just knock offs.

(Posted on 6/8/13)

love theses

(Posted on 6/7/13)

when u jump high u can hear it crack

(Posted on 6/7/13)



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Oh, man, these are fun. The Vinyl Cruiser from Stereo is a retro throwback to the original collectible "banana boards", in a super compact and incredibly easy to stash 22.5" by 6" design, with a plastic injection-molded deck, 59mm wheels, and a sticker pack (included) to customize it however you want. It's a mini cruiser, so you can just throw it in your backpack and bust it out when you need it for bombing down a hill, cruising the campus between classes, or just getting from point A to point B wherever you're at. Choose your color and get rolling, these come pre-assembled and ready-to-ride out of the box.
Note: Components such as trucks and wheels may differ in color from those shown in photo.

More Details
  • Complete cruiser from Stereo.
  • Pre-assembled, ready to ride out of the box.
  • 22.5" long.
  • 6" wide.
  • Plastic injection molded deck.
  • 59mm 78A PU wheels.
  • 3.125" trucks.
  • Soft 90A bushings.
  • Sticker pack included to customize your cruiser.
  • Free Stereo sunglasses included.
  • Imported.
  • Note: Colors and graphics may vary slightly from image.