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Jessup Grip Tape

Item # 114148

amazing griptape

(Posted on 3/31/14)

Jessup Griptape: good but that's all. It doesn't tare up your shoes. But it wares out fast and gets holes in it easily plus peels up when it gets wet. Grizzy's is better but not the best. I'm going to try mob this next time. Ricky

(Posted on 3/28/14)

Easy on the shoes, all in all great griptape.

(Posted on 3/28/14)

Some of the best grip tape I've ever bought! It's cheap, has a lot of stick, and tends not peel. It will rip your shoes but pretty much all grip tape does that(unless its the really crappy stuff from Walmart that's like trying to skate on paper)

(Posted on 3/28/14)

jessup is the best. its super thin and extra grippy and doesnt ware down

(Posted on 3/28/14)

I don't know how anyone could find anything bad about this griptape, the original and still the best :P

(Posted on 3/28/14)

Gay gripe

(Posted on 3/28/14)

yo this grip tape is my fav i skated for about 2 months and i can kickfliip, heelflip, and varial kcikflip trust me get this or grizzly

(Posted on 3/28/14)

Andrew Schrock

(Posted on 3/28/14)

This stuff sucks monkey ball sacks

(Posted on 3/28/14)


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If you ain't got Jessup you ain't got stick.

More Details
  • 1 sheet of grip, 9" wide by 33" long.