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Bones Black Swiss Skateboard Bearings

Item # 088486

I just bought this in the online store on the 15th. im soooo excited for them to be here on the 21st

(Posted on 3/28/14)

so excited for that to be at my house on friday!

(Posted on 3/28/14)

About to get these bad boys, excited!!!

(Posted on 3/28/14)

great wheels

(Posted on 3/20/14)

These bearings are amazing, they run really smooth and they dont rust. I had them for about two years and it still feels like the first day i got them. But you have to maintain them every month so it doesn't rust or wear out. They still go fast and smooth and doesn't seem to wear out. they are amazing on ramps and great for going down hills.

(Posted on 3/16/14)

Best bearings on the market

(Posted on 3/15/14)

super fast, quite, and nice to just put in a longboard/cruiser - no need to push

(Posted on 6/9/13)

I got tem 2day and they r smooth but wen I ride it. It makes a noise why?

(Posted on 6/9/13)

Best bearing ever

(Posted on 6/9/13)

These are like the gnarlyest bearing ive ever had. A huge improvment from reds and super reds. Ive had them for about a year and they still ride just as fast as when i 1st got them. Outstanding job!

(Posted on 6/9/13)


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Legendary Bones Swiss bearings have been the industry standard ever since they were introduced in 1983, and are still a favorite with professional skaters. Fast, smooth, and very long lasting, they remain unequaled in their class. Set of eight.