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sector 9 cruisers

Sector 9 is not only one of the leaders in premium longboards but they now offer some of the best cruisers money can buy. Sector 9 has taken their cutting-edge technologies, knowledge, and commitment to premium products and put it toward their line of Cruisers. Sector 9 Cruisers come in numerous shapes and sizes and allows riders to have a more convenient and portable ride with the same rideability you've come to expect from larger longboards. Sector 9 Cruisers have small kicktails to give you added control, shorter wheelbases, milled wheel wells to reduce wheel bite, and high-quality components. Zumiez provides a great range of Sector 9 Cruisers like the classic Sector 9 Bamboozler Cruiser Complete Skateboard made from Bamboo, or the eye-catching Sector 9 Berkeley Tie Dye Cruiser Complete Skateboard. Whether you're commuting to class or simply want to cruise with more portability Zumiez and Sector 9 have got you covered.