Nor Cal

Nor Cal clothing can be summed up in short by saying its all about Nor Cal Pride. Proud to live or be from Northern California.

When you look at the worldwide influence of California, most people associate that with what goes on in Southern California. People from NorCal do not want to be part of the SoCal scene. NorCal types are more laid back, less flashy, less trendy, they are more hardcore and dedicated and loyal to who they are and what they are into. NorCal types bounce around less from trend to trend and stay true to their roots. They have a lot of pride from living in Northern California. It does not matter what town you are from in NorCal, you are from NorCal the region, the attitude. NorCal types stick together, they support each other, no matter what they are into, and the tie that bonds them together is the territory and attitude of NorCal.