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Married to the Mob

Once upon a New York Summer day in 2004, a bored and sauced up Leah McSweeny came up with the crazy idea of starting her own clothing line - it would be "Street" inspired, like so many of her male friends' brands, but catering solely to females; more specifically, to give a voice and edginess to women who could hold their own like a man, but had the finesse and appeal of a lady. In the few days that followed, Leah began making samples, working on designs, and getting her posse of women's together to form the M.O.B. Crew, a wild bunch of varying personalties which ultimately contributed to the brand's depth of flavor. With the crew in effect and designs on paper, Marred To The Mob was born! It didn't take long before MTTM's controversial words began to spread, and before Leah even had time to start her second season, everyone wanted a piece of the M.O.B.

Today, 9 years later, the company has grown tremendously - between the evolution of the clothes and the brands increasing mark on the scene, it's evident that the M.O.B. are here to stay. No longer just a t-shirt brand, Married To The Mob has expanded into a vast collection of Cut & Sew, denim and accessories, along with an impressive list of collaborations, including projects with KAWS, MCM, Colette, FAFI, Kangol, Reebok, Nike, Lacoste and Burton. They may have had humble beginnings, but today Married To the Mob is a complete lifestyle brand, focusing not only on clothing, but on bringing you all dope cultural aspects of female-influenced society. With every passing season, the M.O.B. team have been saying, "This one's gonna be even hooter than the last", and they have yet to be wrong.