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Sketchy Tank

Operating under the mentality "Disturbing the comfortable, comforting the disturbed", Sketchy Tank is a lifestyle brand that creates apparel and accessories showcasing unique design and twisted art.

Sketchy Tank began as a folder on a computer that stored disturbing images the artist found on the Internet in obscure and questionable blogs. The "Sketchy Tank" folder was comprised of images such as hideous tattoos, low brow artwork and designs mixed with skateboarding, surfing, and trashy people doing trashy things. The folder grew to be over 16GB in size which prompted the artist to create a website dedicated to the Sketchy Tank folder and original designs. Once the domain was purchased and the logo created, the Sketchy Tank website was born. As the Sketchy Tank site grew, it began to generate more and more traffic on a daily basis. After gaining more popularity, Sketchy Tank began selling apparel like tee shirts and tank tops with original Sketchy Tank artwork, and from there the rest is history.

What started as a compilation of bizarre and disturbing images turned into something much greater. Meet Sketchy Tank.

Sketchy Tank is a California based apparel brand created by artist, illustrator, designer, and namesake, Sketchy Tank. Sketchy Tank specializes in unique and artistic graphics that push the envelope in street style and are created to turn heads. What started out as a passion for creating unique and imaginative graphics has lead him into a world he never thought he'd be in. Today, Sketchy Tank is quickly growing into a major brand thanks to their artistic approach and unwavering individuality. Zumiez is proud to offer tons of Sketchy Tank items ranging from stickers and patches to Men's and Women's graphic t-shirts, hoodies, and hats. Improve your street style with any of the Sketchy Tank graphic t-shirts like the Sketchy Tank Warrior or Bartender T-Shirts. Come check out the full selection of Sketchy Tank items at Zumiez today for some Good Time vibes.