Bored Teenager or now more simply known as Teenage was first created by TV star Blake Anderson and his wife Rachael "Steak" Finley. While going through treatment for cancer, Steak began working on graphic t-shirts for Blake to wear on his TV show. With her fashion industry knowledge and expertise and his love for fun graphic t-shirts, and wide audience to appeal to, it was a no-brainer. Having such a great story and being so tapped into their market, it's no wonder that they sold out almost immediately and have continued to grow into a successful clothing line. Today, Teenage continues to offer graphic t-shirts, button-ups, accessories, and more that are as unique and fun as they are attention-grabbing. Zumiez is a proud carrier of Teenage products like the wild and crazy Teenage Globe Tie Dye Plot T-Shirt or the Teenage Bored With Life Snapback Hat. Whether you need a look to stand out or just to make you smile, Teenage and Zumiez have got you covered.