Clubmaster Sunglasses

It's been said it takes 10,000 hours to master your club right; is that how the saying goes? The vintage browline Clubmaster frames have origins in early 1950s Americana culture in highly cultured and intellectual circles. The sleek wire frame wrapping under the lenses and clean lines created a sophisticated confidence that was able to circumvent the "geek" and "nerd" connotations. Years past by and the timeless sunglasses later became known by the late 2000s as the Clubmaster Classic by Ray-Ban, and the new modern take on the American staple introduced a new found appreciation for the retro frames. The Clubmaster is now available in many materials, unique lenses, materials and colors. Rose gold lenses, tortoise shell frames, matte black, and havana sunglasses are all available online and in-store at a Zumiez location near by. Shop new Clubmasters from Ray Ban, Happy Hour or shop some cheap sunglasses that you won't be too upset to lose.