Aloha Army

Aloha Army is a Hawaiian apparel company. "Aloha", can be translated in several English interpretations like: Hello, Goodbye, Beloved, Loving, Grace, Charity, and Sympathy. Aloha Army spreads the meaning of "Aloha" actively through their clothing brand. Erupt in the hottest and most compassionate t-shirts ever to be created by the "ohana" (family). Cultivate what started as a tradition - growing taro seeds, which rooted to green pastures pathed for upbringing "keikis", (kids) generation by generation; now solidified with patches planted with heart-shaped leaves, designed all on one tee. Be the core and share the historical staple of Hawaiian culture through Aloha Army. Aloha Army protects the "aina" (land) by growing forces with families and doing all things "Aloha". Support the local islands and rock Aloha Army which can be found online and exclusively at Zumiez.