Boss Dog

Boss Dog is an artist owned and operated apparel brand run by husband and wife team Mikey and Sam McKennedy. Mikey is brand the illustrator and graphic artist while his wife Sam makes sure the business is running smoothly. Boss Dog Apparel dives into the mystic with its unique graphic designs. Hailing from Portland but currently residing in Southern California, this shy, daydreamer was hooked after his first doodle. He turned his dreams of making art everyday into a reality. Mikey finds much of his inspiration from his childhood which involved reading tons of comics and many games of dungeons and dragons. He also finds inspiration from the heavy metal he grew up listening to in the 80s and the millions of talented artists today. The culmination of the many years and countless hours of imitating and practicing the work of his favorite artists, Mikey found his own style. In a world with mythical felines, menacing grim reapers, and magical wizards Boss Dog Apparel broadens the reach of the human imagination. You may recognize some of the designs from a popular pacific northwest pizza chain, Sizzle Pie, where Mikey McKennedy was the co-founder. He has since parted ways with Sizzle Pie but used to make the designs displayed on their pizza boxes as well as the brand logo. As of right now, Boss Dog primarily makes soft goods like shirts and sweatshirts but the owners have big plans for the future. Artist owned and operated, Boss Dog dog brings a world of fantasies, fears, and desires to the clothing industry. At Zumiez, we carry a nice selection of Boss Dog graphic tees at the incredible prices.