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Casery comes to you from sunny Southern California in the heart of Los Angeles. From the humblest of beginnings, this company was founded by a group of friends in 2015 at an apartment in Glendale. Their goal was to bring to market a phone case with the focus in design yet still offering the desired protection. Rather than going to tech shows, they chose to go to fashion shows in order to show buyers the idea that phone cases can be a fashion statement. They highlighted that the only item always on you, each and every day is your phone. By blending high fashion with functionality, Casery took a much different path than their predecessors. This Californian company offers high end phone cases that can complete any outfit. Bringing a splash of personality into a mundane industry, people around the world are beginning to notice. From west coast vibes to bright colors to sleek designs, Casery offers something for each customer. The company motto is “Protect the One You Love,” begging the question why not protect your phone while looking good. With the idea that there shouldn’t be a sacrifice when it comes to a phone case, Casery offers the perfect combination of fashion and protection. Passion, dedication, and attention to detail has taken this company from nothing to competing with industry leaders. Constantly learning and improving, Casery is focused on the future and shows no signs of slowing down. At Zumiez, we carry an amazing selection of Casery phone cases for iPhones and phone rings, including many design and color options.