Converse makes iconic skate shoes and has done so for over a hundred years. There are so many different styles of cons including the original Converse high tops, low tops, vulcanized sole, cup sole, Chuck Taylor Pro, One Star Pro, JP Pro, L. Lopez Signature, are just some of styles that Converse makes. Cons are made with elevated, fine tuned, CX Converse cushioning systems, traction rubber, rubber backed canvas and rubber infused canvas and suede to protect your feet no matter what you are doing.

The Converse skate team includes Louie Lopez, Alexis Sablone, Jake Johnson, Bobby De Keyser, Sean Pablo, Sage Elsesser, Raney Beres, Aaaron Herrington, Mike Anderson, Kevin Rodrigues, Zered Bassett, Milton Martinez, Kaue Cossa, Brian Delatorre, Al Davis, Kenny Anderson, Sammy Baca, Eli Reed, Tom Remillard, and Tommy Guererro.