Crab Grab

Originating from the Pacific Northwest, Crab Grab is a brand born out of the idea to “refocus” snowboarding back to the simple, creative fun that gravitated people toward it in the first place. Back in 2010, Preston Strout noticed that times were changing with snowboarding tricks. Instead of seeing the tweaking of unique grabs, he only saw riders grabbing mute and spin-corking until landing. Snowboarding had even evolved to the point where simple traction features were easily associated with cheap rental boards. He wanted to create a product that put emphasis on the style of tricks, and thus the original Grab Rails came to be. The grab rails served as a great reminder how amazing a simple poked out grab can feel for the rider, and soon after additional traction products followed. Now Crab Grab is changing the game, proving that well-designed traction can be a tremendous benefit for riders.

Zumiez carries everything you need for Crab Grab products. We got you covered with stomp pads, rails, mittens and even a few extra hoodies and T’s to rep the Crab Grab branding.