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Crooks and Castles

Crooks & Castles The Ruling Elite

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Crooks and Castles

Crooks and Castles was started in the mean streets of Los Angeles, taking inspiration from the often violent and in-your-face gangs that roamed the hood, city, and even suburbia. Crooks and Castles have always been a fan of the villain, rooting for all the bad men's and women's in movies, books, comics, rap songs, and even real life gangsters. After learning the basics on how to run a clothing brand by trial and error, Crooks and Castles was eventually born. Crooks stands for all the gangsters, pimps, robbers and hustlas that roam the block and make it hot. Castles are the people who make it big and get hood rich by living the crook lifestyle. This is the duality that is Crooks and Castles.

Today, Crooks and Castles makes top quality clothing for men's and women's who are enduring their own struggle in the streets, as well as the folks who have made it big and are now sitting fat in castles of their own. Whichever side of the game you find yourself on, Crooks and Castles will be there to help you continue the race to get rich and stay rich while doing so in unique style. Zumiez is proud to be an authorized retailer of Crooks and Castles, carrying a huge selection of Crooks and Castles tees, hoodies, and more.