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Cult Clothing

A true brand of its own, inspired by the individuals of BMX racing. Cult began in 2009 after Robbie Morales left FitBikeCo and recruited his friends; Dakota Roche, Chase DeHart, Trey Jones and Chase Hawk. They believed in the idea of bringing a new, much more personal BMX company to the industry by being completely transparent with their fans. The teams original plan was to start an apparel company with Adam Roye having total creative control with clothing designs. They quickly realized that they had the ability to be much more than just clothes and become a one-stop shop for all you could ever need in bike riding. The team began production on hardgoods(bikes, frames, tires, and a wide range of bike parts) as well as softgoods (tops, bottoms, hats, socks, bags, shoes, and various accessories). Hailing from Santa Ana, California, these former professional BMX racers bring over 30 years of passion, style, and experience to each and every product. Cult prides itself on its American-made quality and creating product its own pro riders would wear. The Cult Crew’s pro riders features some of the best riders in the world and have been getting attention from around the world. Their videos across the web have reached millions of hits and the riding team frequently goes on world tours. This company is committed to provide a company that people can believe in by remaining true to their identity. Everyone involved is passionate and cares about providing customers with the highest quality of products that the owner can enjoy forever. Robbie once said, “Without [passion] there is no reason to do a brand, you have to love it and be a lifer that is not going anywhere, regardless if someone tries to push you out.” Cult has the freedom to express itself and it uses that freedom to shake up the world of BMX, always pushing the limits. The brand came out of the gate all guns blazing and shows no signs of slowing down. At Zumiez, we have an amazing selection of Cult Crew apparel including a number of sales that give a great bang for your buck.