Danny Duncan

Internet sensation Danny Duncan took the world by storm with his offbeat personality and hilarious pranks. As things grew bigger and bigger, he couldn’t keep it all to himself! Danny Duncan’s new line of t-shirts, clothing and accessories features his trademark phrases, perfect for adding a splash of humor into any fashion-forward fit!

Unsatisfied with his grocery store job at age 22, Danny Duncan started posting comedy videos online and was discovered by actor and skateboarding legend Jason Lee, who encouraged him to pursue his YouTube career more aggressively, which then exploded over the next several years. From the beginning, what set Danny apart from the countless other YouTube comedians was his unrelenting authenticity, and that is precisely what is brought to this brand of clothing and accessories. Through an oddly captivating mix of sincerity and irony, Danny’s humor has always spread a positive message of inclusiveness and good-natured fun.

With a huge fanbase and a deep back catalog of catchphrases, Danny Duncan was able to launch his instantly successful clothing line in 2019, allowing his fans a stylish way to promote the positive, unassuming vibes Danny is all about.