Discrete Clothing

Discrete Clothing was first conceptualized by Julian Carr in a computer science class in college. He was inspired by a mathematical concept that eventually inspired his line of headwear for Discrete. He has since grown Discrete Clothing into a cutting-edge fashion brand that specializes in premium headwear and clothing. Today, Discrete embodies their founders original mission statement that "Life is best when we carve our own line." Discrete strives to create items that extend your own passions and beliefs by ensuring their products are built to last, comfortable, and express a unique perspective and style. Zumiez is proud to carry Discrete and offer up a unique perspective for the doers, explorers, and creators of the world. Come by Zumiez and check out the full line of Discrete Clothing items like their line of beanies including the Alias, Banger Pom, Torque, and Doyonator beanies. Head on over to Zumiez today to check out the rest of what Discrete Clothing has to offer.