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Foundation Skateboards

Foundation Skateboards is a skateboarding brand with deep roots to its culture, creating skateboarding decks, pro model skate decks, cruiser decks, and even apparel.

Beginning back in 1987, Tod Swank, known as a vert rider, knew that street was taking over as Steve Rocco started World Industries. Swank knew the vert skate scene was over and it was all about street, so he wanted to ride for Steve Rocco and his team. He asked and was shot down, however Steve Rocco offered to help Tod Swank start a company. After considering the idea for a couple of years, Tod grinded his way to bring Foundation Skateboards to fruition.

For the first couple of years Swank even distributed through World Industries until Foundation Skateboards relocated to San Diego, CA. Currently Foundation Skateboards has a team of ten riders from all over the country, mainly operating and shredding out of Long Beach, CA.

Foundation Skateboards is also recognized for their epic skate videos as well including "WTF!", "Madness and Mayhem", and others too.

Whether you're just starting out skating, or you're a seasoned shredder, consider riding on a deck from Foundation Skateboards.