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Glvss is a sunglasses brand based out of Los Angeles. Glvss shades were born when a group of creators dreamed of making sunglasses a statement piece designed to accent your fit everyday. They came together and created a series of comfortable, fresh, quality sunglasses with a flair that will make anyone stand out. Fashion icons like Future and Draya Michele started to notice the young brand and Glvss sunglasses caught fire in the industry. Although the brand became major players in the sunglasses game, they continued to make shades at a reasonable price. Now you can own a pair of shades that reflects your personality without breaking the bank. Glvss sunglasses have rad designs are built to take a beating with scratch resistant lens and quality frames. All Glvss sunglasses have 100% UV protection and come with a protective case. Check out the freshest shades from Glvss sunglasses because the futures looking real bright.