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Grenade Clothing Danny Kass & Dingo

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Grenade is built from a belief in holding onto a lifestyle and never letting go. It's a lifestyle born from a love of snowboarding, but one filled with what is most important to anyone: living each day full-throttle with the passion, expression, and fury like it's your last. This passion has led to the creation of a movement promoting individuality, creativity and performance that can be seen and felt with each and every product you buy from Grenade. Every day new lessons are learned and incorporated into Grenade's gear, making it better, stronger and more powerful so you know it can keep up with your insanely active lifestyle. Grenade Clothing, like tees, hoodies, snowboarding gear, gloves, and accessories are always distinctive, and whenever you buy and wear the infamous Grenade bomb logo, you are down to make a statement. Grenade Clothing products are truly quality, from their most hardcore graphic tee right down to their die-cut stickers you always know what your getting when you go with Grenade. Grenade also has assembled a top-notch team of pro riders some of whom have received incredibly high accolades including 5 U.S. Open Championships, 7 Winter X Games Medals, and 2 Olympic silver medals. Grenade knows what it takes to create some of the highest quality, most creatively inspired and unique products you can get.

Zumiez proudly offers a huge selection of Grenade products including gloves, snow jackets, tee shirts, backpacks, hoodies and much more, so check them out today and snag a little piece of Grenade innovation. Grenade - Make Gloves, Not War!!!