Matix Sets Brick Red Striped Tank Top
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Matix was founded by professional skaters and long time friends Daewon Song and Tim Gavin as a solution to the problem they had with all of their clothing ripping upon contact with the concrete. As skateboarders, they needed apparel that would last longer than a session or two, so Matix was born with the intention of providing skateboarders and surfers with extremely durable and fashionable clothing that would last for the long haul.

Today, Matix is a world renowned company, and is proud to offer a plethora of high quality skate, surf, and snowboard clothing and accessories geared towards athletes who live a fast paced lifestyle with an emphasis on action sports. Matix has an all-star team of skateboarders, surfers, and snowboarders backing their line of gear, including legends like Rodney Mullen, Marc Johnson, Daewon Song, and Andreas Wiig, along with up-and-coming pros Mike Anderson, Marty Murawski, and Daniel Ek, to name a few.

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