Mitchell and Ness

Zumiez is proud to partner with the O.G. of sports team goods, Mitchell and Ness. Mitchell and Ness have come to represent the best of the best in the world of sports team apparel and continue to use the finest construction, details, and craftsmanship for their products. Mitchell and Ness began as a sporting goods store selling standard equipment in Philadelphia but by 1925 began designing and manufacturing local team uniforms. By 1933 they had gone pro, becoming the official outfitters for the Philadelphia Eagles. In the early 80s, Mitchell and Ness began recreating classic wool vintage baseball jerseys, blew everyone's minds, and created a world-wide phenomenom known as a "throwback". Before Jay-Z rapped about (and had his own signature) fitteds, before the term "sneakerhead" was in the New York Times, before you had to match your dunks to your cap, there was the throwback jersey. Mitchell and Ness were using old school fabrics, patterns and patches on the NBA, MLB, NHL and NFL jerseys of all the greatest athletes and soon rappers, moguls, and celebrities were getting into it. Mitchell and Ness single-handedly revolutionized modern athletic wear into the powerhouse it is today by recreating the dopest sports gear the way true fans wanted it. They continue to offer the most innovative styles and colorways, and are constantly reinventing vintage classics like wool and nylon team jackets, canvas athletic bags, and snapback hats. Lots of people have predicted the demise of the retro/vintage/throwback craze, but with people in the streets continuing to sport new styles and Mitchell and Ness rolling along with 'em, athletic street wear is here to stay.