Fueled by an unwavering and tireless passion for innovation and action sports, Nidecker is a family-owned brand that has thrived over the course of generations. Founded in 1887 in the heart of the Swiss Alps, Nidecker began its story as wood craftsmen before a transition to producing and manufacturing varieties of skis, and finally snowboards in 1984. Nidecker is driven by a dedicated, worldwide team of specialists who continually strive to create the most advanced, performance-oriented products in the world. Nidecker operates under 3 main pillars: Vision, Mission, Values. The vision- to be the most inspirational action sports brand in the world. Mission- the tireless effort to inspire athletes to be on the forefront of progress and expansion of action sports. Finally, values- Build quality products that are authentic to the Nidecker brand, products that reflect their history, and breakthrough technology. Thanks to these core pillars, Nidecker is recognized as one of the most successful, industry-changing action sports brands in the world. Nidecker products are trusted by athletes worldwide, built with dependable, sustainable materials that will last through your wildest adventures. Zumiez is proud to carry Nidecker snowboards that are brand new for this year, so start your first ride of 2020 on one of these awesome selections of boards.