RVCA T-Shirts

The RVCA clothing company was started with the idea of creating clothing for and by influential people from the skate, surf, and art cultures. RVCA has been able to have mainstream success whilst still maintaining their grass roots appeal, thanks to the input of their extensive Artist Network Program (ANP), global skateboard team, pro surf team, and even MMA fighters (when RVCA is truly kicking some butt). RVCA clothing is inspired by American workwear and transcends the traditional apparel boundaries by being a brand free of fading trends.

The RVCA ANP provides a place for both mainstream and independent artists to display their talent to a larger audience, and this is a large part of what keeps them so darn fresh. Taking input from their skate and surf team, they has created some the most popular tee shirts, jeans, hoodies, and boardshorts on the market today. A true innovator in the industry, you can expect tons of new styles from the skate and streetwear likes of RVCA.

Zumiez is proud to carry a large selection of RVCA tshirts, tanks, jeans, boardshorts and more.