Sandbox was founded by Kevin Sansalone in Whistler, Canada in 2004. Sandbox is a uniquely rider-owned company that has been developing rider inspired products since it was founded and continues to develop as rider styles and the outdoor sports evolve. Sandbox got its start as a video production company when Kevin and friends started filming the next generation of Canadian pro snowboarders. In 2007, Sandbox’s venture into manufacturing began when they started developing helmets that were stylish enough for riders to film in. Sandbox’s unique brim model was an instant crowd pleaser in the snowboard community in Whistler. Since then, Sandbox have been building our brand organically through grass roots involvement in camps and events, social media and team rider support and exposure. Now Sandbox has grown into a worldwide multi season brand, having added helmets for wakeboarding, skateboarding and mountain biking to their lineup, as well as snowboard goggles, sunglasses, soft goods, and other snow accessories. Sandbox understands action sports are continually progressing, and with them, so are riders’ needs for safety, comfort and style. The commitment to progression and creativity make Sandbox one of the industry’s most respected helmet manufacturers.