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Skate Mental

Skate Mental is a skate owned company under the first established by pro skateboarder, Brad Staba. The operate under Big Time Distribution which also includes 3D & Tired Skateboards. Skate Mental specializes in skateboards, skateboard accessories, and graphic t-shirts. Being a skater owned and operated company they know what it takes to reach the die-hard skater market with fresh and fun graphics, consistently high-quality products, and an authentic team of riders to back their products featuring Shane O'Neill, Trevor Colden, Dan Plunkett, Brad Staba, and Fernando Bramsmark. Zumiez proudly offers a wide variety of Skate Mental products ranging from fun accessories like the Pizza Grip Tape, Fake Crap Wax, and Pattern Pot Leaf Air Freshener. If you're in search of a new deck then check out the Skate Mental Staba Emoji 8.5" Skateboard deck or Skate Mental Dead 8.0" Skateboard Deck both with fun graphics. Zumiez and Skate Mental also offer plenty of stylish clothing options to update your style like the Skate Mental Take A Hike T-Shirt and the wild style of the Skate Mental Caution Socks. Head over to Zumiez today and check out the full selection of Skate Mental products.