The Subrosa is pronounced suhb-roh-zuh and is a BMX brand that started in 2006 by Ron Bonner and Ryan Sher. Ron and Ryan grew up riding bikes and eventually created their own brand while racing BMX bikes at the pro level.

Subrosa means under the rose. To be under the rose that is hanging overhead was a symbol of secrecy and brotherhood. When someone spoke to another under a rose the words spoken were to remain a secret or subrosa.

Subrosa builds some of the best BMX bikes the world has ever seen at an affordable price that allow all riders to experience the fun and adrenaline of BMX riding.

It started in California relaxing by a pool when a conversational question was asked "What if we made everything related to BMX bikes?"

Subrosa's goal is to create complete bikes and BMX clothing that are affordable, reliable, and have an attention to detail that make each piece high quality and hard to duplicate by other brands. Over the years Subrosa has introduced new products to the BMX world to give back to our fans, supporters, and future riders. Subrosa knows that they represent BMX in a way that will draw people in and bring a positive accurate awareness to BMX.

Subrosa fans are the best and are truly a part of the worldwide crew. The BMX team has expanded over time and continues to sponsor riders that show but discipline, style, creativity, and have unique style on a bike.