SUCC International

The partying alien Lil Mayo that everyone loves finally has his own clothing line with SUCC International. It all started back in 2014 when Alex Martyn went on an alien-meme craze, creating an instagram account dedicated to alien memes. By April of 2015 Martyn ran out of all of the hilarious alien memes on the internet and decided to drop a whopping 750 dollars on an alien doll that was a vintage movie prop.

Martyn started making vines and snapchats with the alien, named "Lil Mayo" partying at crazy functions and overtime grew a following of over 1.5 million, partying with some of hollywoods most iconic stars, including Rihanna.

After Lil Mayo's internet personality took off, people and brands started sending Mayo free clothes, he would make unboxing videos thanking everyone for the free shit and rep their brands on his instagram and snapchat paying homage and respect to all his admirers. RIPNDIP eventually reached out about a merch collaboration, which is the beginning of where SUCC International was created, with the RIPNDIP x Lil Mayo collaboration.

Martyn moved to LA and RIPNDIP threw a party in celebration of the collab and this is where Martyn noted he got his first taste of IRL clout, partying like there is no tomorrow.

After the success of the RIPNDIP x Lil Mayo collaboration, Martyn decided to launch a clothing brand for Lil Mayo with the founder of Dog Limited, Andy Paz, which became SUCC International in March of 2017.

Creating stylish t-shirts, wild stickers, and more, SUCC International brings Lil Mayo's wild and extraterrestrial pieces to life for all of our stunting pleasure.