Teddy Fresh

Teddy Fresh is one of the latest fashion brands to come out of the YouTube community. Hila Klein looks to become a household name with the launch of her line of clothes and accessories. The Israeli-born artist makes up a part of the h3h3 productions channel and is the wife of the hilarious YouTube personality Ethan Klein. The husband and wife YouTube comedy duo made the decision to focus their time on other opportunities and try their hands at something different. In steps the concept of a street fashion brand with the name Teddy Fresh. The product displays the electric designs of Hila Klein in her collection of hoodies, tees, caps, and much more. Not to be confused with the merchandise offered at the official h3h3 shop, Teddy Fresh is its own unique venture. Teddy Fresh features its own branding, a sharp aesthetic, and a fun spin on streetwear apparel. Hop on the bandwagon and get yourself some tight Teddy Fresh goods that’ll surely make your friends jealous.