Thrilla Krew

Thrilla Krew is a surf and skate clothing brand that defined 1980's surf lifestyle. Thrilla Krew started from an inspired tiki cartoon sticker created by Japan's very own legendary surfboard shaper, Tak Kawahara. The brand Thrilla Krew has evolved from being the, "Pray for Surf!" surfer's battle cry of the day, to an established clothing company because of Tak Kawahara's partnership with Steve Nazar; T & C Surf Designs original artist who designed the new character concepts behind 'Thrilla Gorilla' and 'Da Boys' graphics. Together, creating an iconic surfwear brand that is the new wave to ride - Thrilla Krew. The brand carries a variety of Thrilla Krew tank tops, t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and stickers. Official Thrilla Krew clothing brand products can be found exclusively online and of course, at your local Zumiez store.