WKND Skateboards

It all started in a van. A van full of dudes (MORE DUDES!!). Grant Yansura was doing what he loved most: shit talking with his friends, while finding a good spot to skate. Grant recognized a unique opportunity at this moment. Him and his buddies found that the enjoyment from skating comes from the fact that it doesn't take itself too seriously. Skating, while inherently dangerous, is meant to be a fun activity with a lighthearted atmosphere. The idea to make a brand that conveys this mindset was what led to the creation of WKND Skateboards. WKND skateboards built a platform to collectively pool together ideas from each team rider, and turn them into meaningful content and skate products that people can resonate with. The WKND riding team consists of film creators, actors, and other individuals with distinctive passions and interests. Their video series keeps fans up to date with engaging stories, product reveals, and skate videos, all injected with their fun humor.

At Zumiez, we’re proud to hold those same values, so we got you covered with WKND skateboard decks, T’s and some other cool accessories, so you can rock those same vibes as the WKND riders.