POW Gloves

POW was first conceived by founder Dustin Goss in 2002 after he began developing the first POW products. He quickly turned a simple idea into a high-quality hand-wear brand and by 2008 he had successfully distributed POW to over 30 countries. This single product line began to drive and cultivate their brand identity and culture, and has helped turn them into one of the biggest names in the snow hand-wear game. They soon teamed up with GORE-TEX to further improve their line of gloves by adding the dependable waterproofing and durability of GORE-TEX. Today, they continue to push themselves with innovating new technology, functional detailing, and comfortable style while always maintaining their "Built To Last" motto. Zumiez is proud to carry numerous POW products like the classic mitt style of the POW HIGH 5 Snowboard Mittens or the classic work-style POW HD Natural Snowboard Gloves. For the true POW experience, grab the POW Warner GTX Short Snowboard Gloves or the POW Tanto 2 Snowboard mittens with a trigger finger for dexterity. No matter your riding style, Zumiez and POW have got your hands covered.