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True Love and False Idols

The True Love & False Idols story

True Love & False Idols is a clothing company. No, they are more than that. They are more than an art collective. They are more than graphic tee slangers. True Love & False Idols wants to know you. They want to be your friend. True Love & False Idols wants to interact on a deeper level with you. TL&FI wants to eat cereal with you in the morning and wave you off on the school bus and then go hang with your moms while she watches daytime TV and goes through your belongings looking for secrets. TL&FI wants to sit next to you when you go on an uncomfortable date, thrash with you at a show, shred with you on a mountain, pose as a model for your realist painting, and hold your hand as you give birth to alien babies. True Love & False Idols will be with you when you meet your favorite celebrity and then realize they are a loser. TL&FI will introduce you to their friend Reggie the Koala and then you will all ride bicycles together in the fresh fragrant springtime while munching on eucalyptus and tacos. True Love & False Idols will keep you hooked up with the freshest gear for all time and even when you are elderly and wearing those orthopedic sneakers (Which are actually pretty dope) you will be wearing crazy future TL&FI tees, hoodies, jackets, hats, and other clothing items which haven't been invented yet with graphics of vintage things like "cell phones" and "the Internet" by artists that use rare materials found on planets named "Potentia 3" or something. True Love & False Idols Clothing is rooted in art, punk rock, and hip hop. At TL&FI they understand the meaning of making something that is truly unique by collaborating with artists like Henry Lewis, Pose MSK/7th Letter, and Munk One and by using distinct graphics, hand drawn fonts and custom silhouettes. Founder Alex 2Tone and Reggie will be your guides on this crazy thing called life. True Love & False Idols : In Love With A Lifestyle I Can't Afford.