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Skimboarding is a blast, and Zumiez carries the best skimboards for folks with some or no skimboarding experience. Skimboarding, in essence, is a chill sport where you run towards the shore with your skimboard as the wave comes in, drop it in and jump on when you're in shallow water, and "skim" right out into the ocean, and ride the breaking wave as it comes back in. However, there are some skimboarders who make skimboarding into something that looks a lot more like surfing. Whether you're aiming to skim the shallow waters the traditional way or ride your skimboard like a lighter and smaller surfboard, grab a skimboard from Zumiez. Zumiez carries skimboards from Victoria Skimboards and Zap Skimboards. Check them out, find the skimboard for you, and start having some fun at the beach!

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