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The Damn Am Skate Contest Series 2013

Steeped in skateboarding history, the annual SPoT (Skatepark of Tampa) Tampa Am Contest has remained the beacon of hope in a sea of distress we know as “AM Skateboarding”. The dudes in charge, Brian Schaefer and Rob Meronek, developed the Damn Am Contest Series to give AM skateboarders around the world a shot at competing in a Tampa AM style contest outside the walls of SPoT. With stops in California, Georgia, Amsterdam, China, and Canada; the worlds top amateurs will duke it out to claim their spot at SPoT this December. The top 12 finalists at all Damn Am events get an automatic seat in Tampa Am, with the first two places getting thrown right into the Semi-Finals.
Zumiez is proud to support the efforts of the Damn Am Contest Series and the Skatepark of Tampa. Check the video coverage for an inside look at some of the best am skateboarding at each event and stay tuned for results and updates all year long!

2013 Schedule

Stop 1: The Damn Am Costa Mesa Presented by Volcom
When: March 7th - 10th 2013
Where: Volcom Headquarters - Costa Mesa, CA

Stop 2: The Damn Am Atlanta
When: March 12th - 14th 2013
Where: Hazard County Skatepark - McDonough, GA

Stop 3: The AmsterDamn Am Presented by Volcom Stone
When: July 12th – 14th 2013
Where: Amsterdam Holland

Stop 4: Damn Am China Presented by Nike Skateboarding
When: August 2013
Where: Shanghai, China

Stop 5: Damn Am Canada Presented by Billabong
When: September 2013
Where: Toronto, ON Canada

Stop 6: Damn Am Woodward West Presented by The Skateboard Mag
When: October 2013
Where: Tehachapi, CA

Stop 7: The 20th Annual Tampa Am at Skate Park of Tampa
When: Dec 5th - 8th
Where: Tampa, FL


The Zumiez Destroyer Award is bestowed upon the skater who demolishes everything in their path and stands out amongst the competitors at their Damn Am. At each stop of the Damn Am Tour one skater will be crowned Destroyer and presented with a Zumiez Sawzall for their destructive expertise. Tampa Am is host to the Destroyer of the Year Award; presented to the Am standout amongst all the Damn Am tour stops. Check out the Destroyer Hall of Fame below for a look at the ultra talented Ams that have taken top honors at previous Damn Am stops.

Past Destroyers include:

Ishod Wair
Tommy Fynn
Dallas Ives
Clint Walker
Tim Zom
Dane Vaughn
Daan Van Der Linden
Pat Tremblay
Anthony Astrada
Brodie Penrod
Jamie Foy


2012 Winner: Jereme Knibbs
2011 Winner: Shawn Hale
2010 Winner: Kyle Walker
2009 Winner: Clint Walker

The Damn Am Skate Contest Series 2013