Skate Backpacks

What's a skate backpack (otherwise known as a skateboard backpack or skate pack)? Well, of course (you silly) it's a rad backpack that was designed with the skateboarder in mind, and features either vertical or horizontal skateboard carrying straps, and often have other sweet features, like a fleece-lined sunglass pocket. Zumiez is so very skate backpack savvy, carrying skate backpacks from the brands that make the sweetest in skateboarding backpacks... Dakine backpacks, Element backpacks, Electric backpacks, and more. I think we universally don't like having to haul our skateboards (we'd rather ride them), but when you do, it's awesome to have an easy way to free up your hands and just attach it to your backpack. Find the best skate backpack for you at Zumiez!.