Action Cameras

The world of action sports has evolved not only in the way of technology but also in its appeal to the average person. Now, more than ever, anyone can pick up a skateboard, snowboard, bike or surfboard and not only challenge themselves, but also create experiences that last a lifetime. With these waves of change comes the desire to share these extreme moments with friends and athletes around the world. Thanks to the progression in camera technology over the years, those desires are now a reality.

Action cameras have become the greatest addition to the action sports world. Amateur, pro, and average joe riders can share their best run, best trick, best wave - what ever it may be - with ease. Zumiez carries the most renowned brands in the action camera industry like GoPro, Contour, Zeal, and Action Shot. Providing clear, quality, high definition videos and images through the form of a lightweight, portable camera and mounting gear.

With a mounting system for any sport, these action cameras are designed to improve your filming experience without inhibiting your ability to ride. You can now strap your Hero3, Roam, or Action Shot camera to your helmet, chest, surfboard or handheld pole to cature the most epic shots and angles. If snow is all you shred, get into the Zeal iOn HD camera goggles with a built-in camera that films your entire journey down the mountain. If surfing is your thrill, attach an action camera to your board for a tubular angle throughout the pipe.

Zumiez is the place to find high quality gear for capturing your ever extreme adventure. Check out the Hi-Def, waterproof, GPS, or wide angle action cameras from the best brands around. Start documenting your life now.