The first true storm of earbuds was years ago when MP3 players were first heavily popularized, and you couldn't turn your head any one direction without seeing a pair of thin white headphone cables dangling from someone's ears. Since then, earbud headphone technology has come leaps and bounds. Beyond the compact size that makes earbuds an easy way to keep your tunes mobile, some headphone companies have poured much research into making earbuds a beat-pumping, crystal clear listening experience. Leaders among the new wave of high-quality earbuds are Skullcandyand Neff who make all kinds of fancy earbuds with features like volume and track control, and with sound so loud and clear, you feel like you're chilling in your favorite band's practice space. If you want the best earbud headphones under $50 then look no further than the Skullcandy earbuds that provide clear, crisp sound.