Noise Cancelling Headphones

Imagine you're on a plane, the jet engines are droning away, and you're thinking about how you feel comfy enough to nap away the trip. Next, you pull out your headphones, pop them on your ears, and suddenly the sweet sound of silence. Next, your music begins.

Noise cancelling technology actually find the sounds that are droning around you, and creates an opposing frequency that kills the sounds you don't want, and gives you some peace and quiet, and way better clarity of the music you want to listen to. (If only you could set them to block out certain people's voices… someday…)

Zumiez is the place to shop noise cancelling headphones, carrying styles from Beats by Dre and more. Most noise-cancelling headphones can be turned on, whether or not the music is on, so you can choose to enjoy some silence, or listen to music without drone-interference. Noise cancelling headphones are a bigger investment than standard headphones, but the technology feels pretty priceless once you're wearing a pair.